OMBC – Chapelwood

21016218366_d63e4e9a73_bChapelwood by Cherie Priest is the sequel, or follow-up to her novel Maplecroft and I have to say I liked it. But as always with me there’s a sizable difference between liked and loved. Where as I loved Maplecroft, Chapelwood was lackluster when placed in comparison. I think that Chapelwood suffers in the same way that almost all sequels, follow-ups and companion pieces do, they try so hard to capture the same feel while being distinct and cover new ground. Here, Cherie Priest does a great job capturing the same feel as Maplecroft, though she doesn’t capture the same magic. Maplecroft came across as personal, like looking into others lives. Here that feeling is lost. Though not all is lost as Chapelwood still has a number of great points.


That’s my thoughts on Chapelwood. Next month I’ll be reviewing The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. See you next month and as always keep reading.


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