Silver Bullet

silver-bullet-posterOne of my good friends is a fan of werewolf films, I on the other hand am not. Though in all other regards are tastes in films tend to closely align. So when he got very excited learning I had never seen Silver Bullet, which as it turns out is among if not his favorite King film, declared we must watch. So watch it we did, with cold beers in hand. I was immediately surprised with films main stars, Corey Haim and Gary Busey. I’m no stranger to either actors body of work, so both in a single film and King film on top of that pass by me unnoticed was surprising.

Silver Bullet is opened with narration by Jane Coslaw (Megan Follows) and her reflections to the spring in Turkers Mill, Maine and the murders that rocked the community. The films protagonist isn’t actually Jane, but her paraplegic brother Marty Coslaw (Corey Haim). As the small town falls under the sway of a murders beast that stalks under the light of the moon, his victims mount. Eventually claiming Marty’s best friend Brady Kincaid (Joe Wright) who’s the killers fourth victim. This adds to the mounting pressure on the town sheriff, Joe Haller (Terry O’Quinn) to find the killer. The town preacher Reverend Lowe (Everett McGill) tries to comfort the towns loss, but is unable to offer solace. After the fourth of July festival is canceled, Marty’s uncle, Uncle Red (Gary Busey) gives him a bag of fireworks and a new powered chair named The Silver Bullet. That night while firing off the rockets on a bridge, Marty comes face to face with the werewolf and blinds it in one eye with a rocket to escape. Placing him in danger as the werewolf wont forgive such a grievance…

The best part is the acting, with Gary Busey being particularly memorable as Uncle Red. As he comes off as an actual uncle. Another outstanding performance comes from Kent Broadhurst, who plays Brady’s father Herb and shows up after his sons death. So he only plays the role of a grieving father and that’s a role he plays well.

The Werewolf is handle amazingly well, with the werewolf being kept to the shadows for the majority of the film. You might see a quick snarl or a flash of the hand. But by and large it’s kept out of sight. Sadly when he’s brought front and center during the transformation scenes, the magic does were off rather quickly. With poorly done effects that leave a lot to be desired.

Final thoughts, overall this is a real good film. As far as the story goes there isn’t much going on as it is very standard werewolf fare. I was able to call the villain and a couple of major plot turns long before they occurred due to how cut and paste it is. Where Silver Bullet shines is with the acting, pacing and mood of the film. All of which deliver a memorable horror experience.


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