Outside the Genre: Mr. Right

mr_rightIt’s been a real long time since I’ve done an Outside the Genre, and I really wanna talk about this film. So here we are. I was turned on to this independent Romantic-Action film by a co-worker. Who knows my general taste in films (Horror films are a passion, but are by no means the only films I watch), suggested this one. What he didn’t know is I’m a fan of all the principal actors, Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth. So, this film was defiantly up my alley and was absolutely delightful.

Mr. Right Opens with Martha (Anna Kendrick) getting ready to surprise her boyfriend with a romantic and sexy dinner. Though the dinner is lacking as she burns it, though it is quickly replaced with Chinese food. When he gets home he’s with another girl in the throws of passion. Being caught red-handed cheating, Martha breaks up with and proceeds to get really drunk. Her spiral is so bad that she ends up drunk, raving in a closet. Martha’s best and only friend Sophie (Katie Nehra) does her best to try and help her out. Meanwhile, Francis (Sam Rockwell) a reforming (in a manner of speaking) hit-man, goes to meet his newest client. Who he promptly kills, because killing is wrong. While inside the hotel where he kills his client he’s attacked by a crew led by Hopper (Tim Roth). But after donning his signature red clown nose, Francis effortlessly kills them. Leaving only Hoppe,r who had the sense and foresight to stay behind in the van. Both Martha and Francis have a chance encounter at a convenience store. Francis is instantly enamored with Martha and asks her out.  While reluctant, Martha agrees. Resulting in a wonderful day and with Francis staying the night. Hopper gets orders from those he works for to eliminate Francis by any means. During this two low level gangsters Von Cartigan (James Ransone) brother of a under boss in his families crime syndicate and local thug Johnny Moon (Michael Eklund) plot to overthrow Von’s brother using Francis and his penchant for killing those that try to hire him. Things turn rocky for Martha and Francis, once she witnesses him in action… though not enough to deter their love.

What I love most about this film and there’s a few things that I genuinely love about this film is the actors delivery. Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell play wonderfully. Anna Kendrick is typical pixie adorable performance, what’s amazing is that Sam Rockwell delivers a performance matches her beat for beat. Just as often leading her performance as following her lead. Tim Roth, while not as memorable as his role in Reservoir Dogs or Four Rooms still gives a fun performance.

The action scenes are a point of inner debate with me. Not the best, with slower action and frequent cutaways. But filmed and added to the story in such a way that unless you spend time looking, you wont notice. Mr. Right makes liberal use of slow motion, at times to great effect. Though when that same effect is repeated it quickly looses its zeal.

Final Thoughts, I really liked this film. Few Romance-Action films hit the enjoyable mark with me. True Lies being the only one that comes to mind off the top of my head. The actors all do a great job. Even those in the more minor roles. The pacing is solid and the tone is constant. Honestly I don’t see what people are divided about. Is Mr. Right the best film? No. Is a fun and engaging film? Absolutely yes. 8/10


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