Frozen (2010)

I went into this film with some high expectations. I’ve seen a number of great reviews and the film seems pretty well liked. But, I found it kind of boring. I didn’t find the characters all that engaging and how the wolves were portrayed is awful. I have a friend that has the same issue here, unless those wolves were all sick and are starving no way would they behave that way. Healthy wolf attacks are incredibly rare and as popular as that ski resort was, a pack of wild wolves staying in the area seems unlikely to me. But there’s a lot about this picture that just didn’t hit the mark for me.

A pair of close friends Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) and Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers), along with Dan’s girlfriend Parker O’Neil (Emma Bell) go to a ski resort. The trio bribe a lift attendant to let them ride the lift without paying for tickets. They spend the day skiing the mountain. Joe has some resentment for Parker, who he feels is forcing her way into his and Dan’s friendship. As night quickly approaches along with a winter storm, the trio talk the lift attendant into letting the ride the lift one last time. He reluctantly agrees, but once the trio is half way up the mountain the attendant is replaced. His replacement in a hurry to go home since the mountain is going to be shut down for a week and not knowing anyone is on the lift shuts it down and heads home. The mountain shuts down leaving Joe, Dan and Parker trapped on the ski lift. Having left their cell phones in their lockers and leaving them unable to phone for help…

I really didn’t care for these characters. They felt shallow, under developed, and slightly unrelatable. Which makes the film fall apart for me. Since I didn’t like the characters I had a hard time feel engaged with what was going on.

Being trapped on the lift also didn’t work for me. I never got the sense of isolation that I expected. The characters never really come off as feeling alone. I love the this idea in concept and think its great. But something about the execution caused it to fall a little flat.

Final thoughts, I didn’t care for this film. Part of the reason is I had set high expectations and the film just didn’t live up to them. But mostly it’s the wolves. They felt unnecessary and feel like they were a cheap ploy. The wolves act uncharacteristic which really bothers me and feel they hold back the film. In the end Frozen is a great concept, but is underutilized. 5/10


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