Don’t Kill It

I had no idea what this film was about going in. All I knew was that it was a horror film and Dolf Lundgren is in it. Which is actually all you kind of need to know. For low-budget horror Don’t Kill It is actually decent. Well ok maybe no decent, but definitely decent adjacent. I like the concept of the film, the reality is a lot less forgiving. The acting is hammy as all get out and some of the supporting cast can’t stop chewing the scenery. But Don’t Kill It does show off some pretty impressive effects at times, though it can get sloppy at times over all the violence is well done. An there’s a whole lot of violence.

Don’t Kill It opens with a hunter and his dog in the woods. The dog comes across a strange open flask, when his owner comes over to see what he’s interested the dog attacks. The hunter manages to kill the dog with his rifle and is quickly possessed. The hunter attacks a family in their home and kills most of them before the father shoots and kills the hunter. Quickly becoming possessed and starts killing his family. Then continuing on the cycle of kill, die, possess. FBI Agent Evelyn Pierce (Kristina Klebe) arrives in town to assist the local police, as the FBI fears this might be a case of domestic terrorism. Her meeting with Chief Dunham (Tony Bentley) is interrupted by Jebediah Woodley (Dolph Lundgren), a demon hunter. While skeptical the two hear him out and after question an eye-witness, Evelyn comes to trust him. But it’s too late as the town is besieged by evil..

Don’t Kill It is a bit of a chore to get into. Before the demon starts really getting its demon on, there’s very little happens. Though being the main focus its amazingly underdeveloped. Which is sad, but I guess the only thing you need to know about a murder demon is that it be murdering.

Don’t Kill It also starts a lot of plot threads or has fun ideas. But then does nothing with them. A major one being that Evelyn is a descended from angels. Or might be? It feels like it should be more integral, but honestly it’s not. Also there’s a scene where Dolph Lundgren hires a prostitute, but doesn’t realize it until it’s time to pay. Which has no purpose other than to add a random sex scene.

Final thoughts, I see Don’t Kill It as a so bad it’s good movie. The acting is over the top, with some crazy silly moments. The script is pretty bland and generic, with the film’s climax being pretty obvious. But for a low-budget Dolph Lundgren film, it holds up ok. But for hardcore horror fans, it might be a bit of a bore. 5/10


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