My Best Friend is a Vampire

I liked this film a lot less than I had expected I would going in. It mostly suffers from being, in my opinion not that good. I wouldn’t go as far as to call this film awful though. As it is at least entertaining. My main issue is how dated the film feels, which is strange since 80’s charm is normally a big seller for me. More it was how dated the humor was, but ill get into that more later.

My best friend is a Vampire starts with narrator Jeremy Capello (Robert Sean Lenard), a popular, or at least well regarded high school student’s dream. In the dream he’s torn between choosing the popular cheerleader Candy Andrews (LeeAnne Locken) and nerdy Darla Blake (Cheryl Pollak). While trying to decided he is seduced by a mysterious woman (Cecilia Peck). In waking life, Jeremy isn’t torn at all as he sets his eyes on Darla, while Candy sets hers on him. Darla is initially cold to Jeremy, but warms to him quickly. One night at his job delivering groceries, he delivers to Nora. Who looks just like the woman from his dreams, she makes a move on him though they lead no where since Jeremy leaves. At school Jeremy’s best friend Ralph (Evan Mirand) upon hearing his story convinces Jeremy to return to her that night. In attempt at a sexual liasion. Which actually kind of works out, though while Jeremy and Nora, the mysterious woman are get hot and heavy. As Nora bites Jeremy’s neck they are interrupted by Professor McCarthy (David Warner) and his assistant Grimsdyke (Paul Willson) break in. Jeremy flees thinking McCarthy is Nora’s husband and flees along with Ralph in Ralph’s car. The car is seen fleeing by Grimsdyke who is able to see the bumper sicker for the high school Jeremy and Ralph attend. Over the next couple days Jeremy starts noticing some changes. Changes that get even more complicated when Modoc (Rene Auberjonois), a vampire, shows up to teach him the ropes. Leaving Jeremy to balance school, is romantic life, and stopping MCCarthy, who think Ralph is the vampire.

So my first gripe is the dated humor. Well not so much the humor as a whole, but the humor in one particular scene. After Ralph learns the Jeremy is a vampire. Ralph has Jeremy go to a club with him so that Jeremy can use his mind control powers on ladies to get Ralph laid. The joke is that Jeremy isn’t any good at it and keeps messing it up. My issue is that their intention is to essentially commit rape. But the whole scene is a joke and never takes a second to think about what the characters actions say about them.

For the most part it doesn’t feel like much of anything is going on. Sure, McCarthy s there to force the plot along. But for the most part it takes it easy.

Another gripe is his the female leads. Both are interested in Jeremy and the to movie tries to play up this aspect a little, but mostly just during the beginning. Darla and Candy are both woefully underdeveloped. But so is everyone, even Jeremy. Though no character leaves me with questions or scratching my head like Modoc.

Final thoughts, over all I didn’t like it. Sure you get to see young Robert Sean Lenard, or if you like either Rene Auberjonois or David Warner. This film might be worth a watch for you. Though be warned the humor is just as dated as the hair styles. 4/10


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