Sacrifice while good, feels incredibly generic. Many of the elements of this film have already been done, and have been done better. Sacrifice has a strange ambiance feels like a strange mixture of The Wicker Man (1973) and Jug Face. Well, at least to me. The Sacrifice while engaging at times, never really hooked me. The mood and pacing are wonderful, and I love the slow reveal of the film. It just felt like I had already seen it though, being well shot and acted doesn’t account for much when you know the twists and turns long before they arrive.

Dr. Tora Hamilton (Radha Mitchell) an obstetrician, moves to the small sleepy town on the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland with her husband, Ducan (Rupert Graves) after experiencing a number of miscarriages. The islands are home to Ducan’s family, and to an adoption institution. Where Tora both works and plans to adopt from. After work she returns home and finds a dead cow in her back field, so she decides to bury it by her self with a back hoe. While digging the cows grave she uncovers the body of a murder woman. The woman is discovered to have been ritualistically sacrificed after giving birth. Dr. Tora becomes obsessed with discovering the identity of the woman. As she digs, Tora uncovers a century old cult, who believe them selves to be more than human and after mating they sacrifice the mother after bearing them strong sons. A cult that is very much alive, and one that knows Tora is looking into them…

The sad thing is there’s a story in there, a good story. But, the generic feeling of the film heavily undermines it. While I think this film is wonderfully shot and that the acting ranged from good to great across the board, nothing popped. Nothing grabbed me and pulled me in, while a good story. There a number of times when Sacrifice had me interested, but then the plot would meander a bit slowing everything down.

I loved the acting in this film. The actors do a great job. Beyond the two principal characters, the supporting cast does a great job. I especially Joanne Crawford as Sgt. Dana Tulloch, who fits incredibly well into this role.  The cult leaders and members are also well done, though at times feel like they’re trying to be menacing. Rather than just be menacing.

Final Thoughts, overall I feel while okay. Maybe as far decent, isn’t that good. Sacrifice is one of the films that doesn’t equal the sum of its parts. I loved the acting, the story, the mood and the atmosphere. But the film as whole wasn’t that enjoyable. The plot feels tired, but also feels like it could have been exceptional and is a real missed opportunity. 4/10


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