A Simple Mission

The goal of this blog is the same as many other blogs. To review and critique films and as my name suggest the sole focus will be on films in the horror genre. Growing up watching Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, The Crypt Keeper and renting what ever horror films I could get my hands on at my local video store I devolved a deep fondness for horror movies. On occasion I will also post bios on some of my favorite scream queens and kings. People whose work within the genre is either prolific or stands out in at least one picture/franchise that makes them worthy of mention.

All of my opinions will be biased, they base solely by my own personal taste in movies. If you dislike my opinion of a film that I give negative reviews. Don’t take a personally I just didn’t happen to like it. But if you find that our tastes line up with mine or that you simply are looking for a honest opinion this might be the blog for you.


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